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  • Karina Z

    Karina Z

    Investigator, innovator, creator. Sharing stories of science and sustainability. Work with me: www.karinazcreative.com Explore with me: www.explorebluewild.com

  • julian Harcourt

    julian Harcourt

    Owner greyafro 50+ marketing, contractor/freelancer

  • Ana Maria Salinas

    Ana Maria Salinas

    Journalist and political scientist specialised in human development | Managing the Freelance Journalism Assembly at @ejcnet

  • Malcolm Hebron

    Malcolm Hebron

  • Anna Kirkpatrick-Jung

    Anna Kirkpatrick-Jung

    writer, researcher, sessional academic. MA, MBA, BAComm. writing articles, stories & poetry. πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’»: https://linktr.ee/annakirkpatrickjung

  • Thinking Threads

    Thinking Threads

    Sustainable & Ethical Fashion content

  • Jesse Adamantia Brighton

    Jesse Adamantia Brighton

    Storyteller. Adventurer. Creative blur. Sober. Queer. Ambiamorous. Femme.

  • Vasilios Ligas

    Vasilios Ligas

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